Code of Conducts


Players Code of Conduct

· Abide by the rules of the game

· Encourage sportsmanship

· Do not argue with an official, have your coach approach the referee during a break or after the game in an appropriate manner

· Be a team player, acknowledge all good plays from your teammates

· Treat all players as you would want to be treated

· Notify your coach if you cannot attend a game or a practice

· Must be on time for games and warm-ups, 30 minutes before game 

· Treat opponents, officials and fans with respect

· Play in an environment that is drug free, Tabaco and alcohol

· Be willing to accept constructive criticism from coaches

· Respect the use of UMB facilities by not damaging basketball venues and equipment

· Never ridicule a participant for a poor performance or practice

· Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the game regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background

· Give maximum effort at all times

· Never leave the bench unless instructed by the coach

· Concentrate on the game when on the bench 

· Always shake hands with opponents at the end of each game

Parents Code of Conduct

· Understand the coaches and team philosophy

· Support the team

· Do not coach players from the stands

· Car pool with other parents before asking the coach for a lift to all the games

· Gym addresses will be on teamsnap, please use this app before emailing the coach

· Refrain from any and all vulgar language or gestures

· Refrain from yelling at the officials

· Encourage children to always play by the rules

· Do not approach a coach after the game if you are upset, take 48 hours to reflect then proceed to talk to the coach

· Report to the coach all injuries, medical conditions

· Refrain from sharing critical comments of coaches and other players in front of UMB players

· Make involvement in UMB basketball program for your child and others a positive experience

· Do not force your child or others to participate in basketball

· Show respect for the visiting team; without them there would be no game

· Realise that there are consequences for breaches of these codes of conducts