All our coaching staff share the organization coaching philosophy. This philosophy is based on that each person we coach has the potential to be better, do better. We attempt to bring out the best in each girl through physical demands, mental acuteness and commitment. We believe in creating an environment that is receiving, open and respectful. We do not tolerate bigotry or discrimination in all its forms. 

Some of our Goals

  • To develop each girls character by teaching the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership through the game of basketball.
  • To foster a positive atmosphere where working hard towards a common goal as a team.
  • To prepare female student athletes both athletically and academically.
  • To provide an opportunity for girls to learn, train, and compete at a competitive level where they develop their basketball skills. 
  •   Provide a safe and respectful environment that the girls can call home away from home.
  • To grow our program to reach as many young girls as there is need.
  •  Not to neglect those who have desire, but lack the resources.